4 Days - 3 Nights: Bahariya Oasis, White Desert


Day 1

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel in Cairo. Upon arrival you will have lunch and dinner in Bahariya Oasis. Overnight stay: Sahara Camp


 Day 2

After breakfast you will visit the Black Desert, Crystal Mountain & Agabat. Overnight stay: Agabat Mountain Camp.


Day 3

After breakfast, you will visit the Flower Desert, Tent Valley, Akasiya Tree and Magic Roman Springs. There will be a lunch in Roman Springs, followed by a visit to the New White Desert to stay the night. Overnight stay: The New White Desert Camp. Day 4 After breakfast you will visit the Mashroum Old White Desert. There will be lunch back in Bahariya Oasis,

before going back to Cairo


Prices include

- Private transfers Cairo-Bahareya-Cairo

- Driver, guides, assistants

- All materials for the bivouac (thick mattress, covers, pillows, carpet, table)

- Full pension (cold breakfasts, lunches, hot dinners simmered on wood fire)

- Drinks (teas, coffee, sodas, mineral water).

*Alcoholic beverages not included.

*Maximum 4 people per 4 x 4 Car. For excursions with more than 4 persons, please contact us.